Flood survivors of Pakistan have nowhere to go as they have lost everything to the flood waters. Similarly Iraqi people are preparing to battle the cold in open as they have no roof over their heads. There are many people that are forced to live life in seclusion as they have no means to get bread and butter.

Muslim charity organisations are working to provide food, shelter, clothing and medicines to these people and these groups are working on a war-footing. They are in Pakistan and also they are working for Iraqi people. But these organizations need funds that come from able persons. If you are an able person then you must donate money to these groups.


Why donate to these groups?

To find answer to this question, you should ask yourself what help you want to provide to the needy and poor. You would want to provide Iraqi people woolen clothes and you would want to send food items for Pakistan floor survivors. Muslim groups are doing what you want to do.


Donate whatever money you have set aside for helping the needy and poor and rest assured that the money would be used at right place. The group you would donate money to would use the money for buying food, clothing and medicines for the needy people.

Donate money online instead of waiting for someone to come to your home and request for funds. Find a reliable charity group on the web and donate whatever amount you can.

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